Sound Clean and Clear

Sound Clean and Clear

We specialize in recording sound and reliable production team communications for feature films, scripted/unscripted television, video games, corporate video, and live events.

Unique Sound Design for Projects of All Sizes

We are an Emmy award-winning, Las Vegas-based field audio & communications company that has been mixing and recording in the field for over 25 years.

We’ve done everything from a simple single camera one-person recorded interview to the largest live spectacle on pay-per-view. We respect that each production has its unique process and understand our role. We are experts at adapting and adjusting to give you the best sound possible at an affordable cost while helping to keep the show going.

Production Sound and Mixing Services

Sound Mixers/Recordist

We have been recording high quality dialog and sound effects in less-than-ideal conditions for over 25 years. Scripted or not, our goal is to get the cleanest recordings for your project. We know how to interface with any camera and we speak timecode fluently. We have the tools and the know-how to keep your shoot in sync all while getting the highest quality recordings possible.

Sound Supervision

Our founder, Fernando Delgado CAS, has been a sound supervisor for network television shows since 2003. With hundreds of “taped” and live shows under his belt, you can feel confident that your show or event will sound amazing.


Our goal is to understand your project in order to design and build a system that works for you while offering 24-hour support during the run of the show or event. We understand budgets and are adept at working with your sound team or helping to hire locals in distant locations.

Our biggest goal is to make every project (and your life) easier!

  • We will ask important questions to fully understand your project.

  • If needed, we will hire the right team for your project.

  • We will bring the right equipment for your project.

  • We will test and build all gear before it leaves for the field.

  • We will build the best system for your project that meets your budget.

  • You will always have 24/7 support from our knowledgeable audio pros.

Sound good with Stickman

Universal Custom Sound Design

From pre to post-production, Stickman provides customized sound design for all sized projects, formats, and shooting styles.

Award-Winning Leadership

Our Emmy-winning founder, Fernando Delgado, has personally cultivated and groomed the best sound crew in the business; made up of the most dedicated, capable, and well-trained audio experts around.

Importance of Details

We recognize the importance of detail within every step of the recording process because you may only get one shot to capture the moment or performance.

Some of Our Past Projects

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