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Hi! We’re Stickman Sound.

We’re award-winning audio experts who specialize in recording great sound for production. Flexible, positive, and professional, we care about matching our clients with the best equipment and crew. Film and television, sound effects, documentaries and reality—we'll make your life easier, no matter the format.

Working with us is simple: You tell us your project details. We design a personalized package, find the best person, and done.


Stickman Sound has helped the best in every industry you can imagine.


Quality you can depend on

Through experience, we recognize the importance of detail within every step of the recording process. You only have one shot to capture that performance or moment. That’s why we get complete clarity on the project from the beginning through our questionnaire


The best team for the best results

We fully vet and stand behind every Stickman Sound Crew member who goes out into the field. Our team is made up of the most dedicated, capable, and well-trained audio minds in the business. We take your project into consideration when pairing you with your crew so you get the best outcome possible.


We’ve got your back.

If you’ve forgotten expendables when you’re visiting for a gig, don’t worry! We’ll hook you up with products that we use and love. From Moleskin and batteries to Transmitters and Lavs, we’re here to provide real-world solutions for your audio needs. And with an online store complete with shipping, we’ll save your shoot faster than you can say Fedex.


Equipment advice and more. 

If you’re not sure which equipment is right for you, we’re here to help. With more than 20 years of hands-on experience, we can lead you in system design, equipment rentals, and general gear advice.


A smile goes a long way. 

We’re positive people who love what we do—and we hope it shows. With a deep sense of community, our goal is to provide a worry-free experience for customers from beginning to end. When you’re our customer, we do everything we can to make you feel valued.