Wireless Intercoms for Film & Television

Unique Crew Comms for Projects of All Sizes

Stickman Sound is proud to introduce Camera Comms — the perfect wireless communications solution for Film, Television, and Live Productions. Camera Comms features anything from turnkey systems for on the go productions needing great sounding comms that work in each location and shooting scenario, to large scale shows.

Wireless Communications for Field Production

Film & Television

Camera Comms wireless systems provide scripted and unscripted Film and Television productions with seamless communications between all users. Our custom PL to walkie interfaces make it possible for comms users to communicate with walkie users seamlessly. Program audio can easily be added as well. This makes it possible for everyone to hear and communicate with who they need. This means no more multiple headsets or earbuds to worry about — everything is done inside your belt pack. This system can also be battery powered, allowing you much more flexibility for those off the grid productions.

Live Events, Sports & Entertainment

Live events, sports, and entertainment. Camera Comms wireless systems, provide live event, sports, and entertainment productions with seamless communication between all users. Our stand alone wireless systems can easily tie in to your existing OB truck system. Our custom walkie to PL interface makes it possible for those inside the truck to communicate with those outside the truck who are on walkie as well.

Our biggest goal is to make every project (and your life) easier!

  • We will ask important questions to fully understand your project.

  • We will hire the right crew member(s) for your project.

  • We will bring the right equipment for your project.

  • We will test and build all gear before it leaves for the field.

  • We will design and build the best system for your project.

  • You will always have 24/7 support from our knowledgeable audio pros.

Seamless on Set Communication So Your Crew Can Focus on What They Do Best

Universal Custom Sound Design

From pre to post-production, Stickman provides customized sound design for all sized projects, formats, and shooting styles.

Award-Winning Leadership

Our Emmy-winning founder, Fernando Delgado, has personally cultivated and groomed the best sound crew in the business; made up of the most dedicated, capable, and well-trained audio experts around.

Importance of Details

We recognize the importance of detail within every step of the recording process because you may only get one shot to capture the moment or performance.

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