Equipment Packages

We don’t believe in “standard audio packages” because we don’t believe we have “standard” clients. Whether you need to capture an interview, a documentary, a feature film, a reality show, or video game audio we can build you a custom package for that.


If you are unsure what equipment is right for you or your project, let our team of highly experienced sound professionals guide you. With over 20 years of hands on experience we can assist with sound design, renting the right equipment, and/or choosing the best gear to purchase to fit your needs.


Stickman only sells products we use and love. From Moleskin and batteries to wind protection and Lav Bullets. We use these items daily and we believe that makes us better equipped to offer real world solutions for your audio needs.


Stickman has relationships with freelancers worldwide and that gives us the ability to hand pick the best person for your project.


Ready to purchase gear for your production? Let us help you build your package. We can help you navigate your needs with your budget and put together the most versatile kit possible.

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Don’t take our word for it, just ask our moms! We are totally biased, but we think we are a good time.


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