We're a sound answer indeed.


We’re a boutique audio house. But we're so much more than that.

We like to think of ourselves as a do-it-all audio solution. We’re not limited by project or industry. If you work in sound, we’ve got you. 

Our founder Fernando Delgado graduated from Full Sail University with an associates degree in audio engineering. After working in the field, he saw a need for comprehensive support and equipment rental—not just sound pros. Determined to break the natural silos between audio pros, Fernando began acquiring his own equipment and eventually incorporated our company in 2001. 


From pre to post-production, we provide clients with a customized sound design for projects of all sizes, formats, and shooting styles. We give round-the-clock support from seriously knowledgeable pros. We’ve cultivated and groomed the best crew in the business. And, since founding our lil’ biz, our founder won an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Live Audio. Needless to say, we know what we’re doing.



UFC Presents
The Ultimate Fighter
Under Armour Commercial Featuring Jordan Spieth

HBO Boxing
Top Shot
Trick Shot Short Film
Stratosphere TV


We’re proud of our reputation and are an authorized dealer for…

Topstick The Original
Sound Guys Solutions
Ambient Recording
Professional Sound Corporation
DPA Microphones
Silent Solutions

Delkin Devices
Voice Technologies
Schoeps Mikrofone


We live for the details.

If you’re looking for a team that can take your project from average to excellent, Stickman Sound is for you.