Fernando goes to Full Sail for SPARK and Riedel Tuesday is coming!


How's everybody doing this sizzling hot summer? We've been keeping busy and hiding indoors as much as humanly possible.

All of us in the shop had a great month holding everything down while Fernando hit the road back to Florida to spend some time at… you guessed it Full Sail University. His visit this past month was a little different then his previous visits. This trip was more focused on education. He worked with students in the SPARK program teaching them all about production audio. The teaching didn’t stop there, he also had the opportunity to speak with students in film, business, and a variety of other areas about all sorts of topics from freelancing to set etiquette. We all know how excited Fern gets when he gets to talking about these subjects so we’re pretty sure he had a great time. Last but certainly not least Fernando took part in Full Sails “BTS” Behind the Scenes tour where he spoke with prospective students and parents about the school. Needless to say he had another successful trip and we know he will be back to visit sooner than we know it!

Riedel Tuesday is closing in on us, the big day is August the 14th from 10 am- 4pm. Lunch will be provided as well as tons of knowledge about Riedel’s Bolero system. As always we’re excited to host this event and hope to see our friends as well as some new faces. Please feel free to invite anyone else you know who may be interested or benefit from this event. The more the merrier.  Make sure to RSVP by August the 10th to stickmansound@gmail.com to hold your spot.

Aside from our typical day to day lives in the shop, our online store has been getting more action, so thank you all for your continued support. In order to keep improving we’ve been making some changes and have some new excitings things in store for you in the very VERY near future. We look forward to sharing these changes with you soon.

That’s all we got for you this month folks!  As always, we hope you have a productive month and look forward to talking with you in September.

P.S. Hockey starts next month!