June 2019 Newsletter

June is here! Hello flip-flops and sunscreen!

Rycote Beach.JPG

Spring stayed busy for us and we are hoping everyone else has been steady also! Now that summer is upon us we are thinking more things need to be filmed on a beach. With fruity drinks. That come with umbrellas. And chaise lounges. Maybe when things slow down we will get back to the beach dreams. Until then, here are a few of the commercials we've filmed recently to keep you entertained.

When the initial came through for this project, we weren't sure what to think. We are so thankful we know freelancers that like to go with the flow and show up with an open mind. Kyle Betterton went out on this gig and had a good day with a fun crew!

Fernando worked on this Toyota commercial with El Central Producciones for the Latin Billboard Awards. This was the second year Leslie Gomez (producer) called us in and we are always happy to work with her an whatever project she's involved with. 

This Denny's commercial with Epoch Media Group was a great shoot for Fernando! This crew was filled with a lot of locals and, while it's always fun to meet new people, it's great to work with people you know.

10 Full Sail HOF.jpg

Fernando and some of his favorite people at Full Sail's 10th Hall of Fame. Check out Stickman's Instagram for more pictures!

Kristel Torvik