May 2019 Newsletter

This newsletter is going to be a pretty heavy NAB recap.

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NAB: "Every story starts here"... and ends 7 miles later in Central Hall. The first day is always high mileage trying to get our bearings, but it's smooth wandering after that.

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Orca Bags unveiled the latest product for professional sound mixers at NAB 2019. The Orca 3S (Spinal Support System) Harness. The new 3S features a patented design to help protect and support audio operators to perform their craft. The 3S can be used with the stand-alone top vest, just the waist belt or the top vest and waist belt combined with the patented Spinal Support System. The 3S waist belt features a unique "roller buckle" that helps tighten the waist belt on the operator's hips for proper weight distribution and the perfect fit. ETA is August 2019 and it's available for preorder now!

Marcus Scorpio.jpg

Sound Devices Scorpio: a 32 channel, 36 track portable mixer-recorder designed for state-of-the-art production sound. With 16 mic/line preamplifiers, 32 channels of Dante in and out, AES in and out, 12 analog outputs and multiple headphone outputs, Scorpio is well-suited for any production scenario.  A fully-customizable routing matrix enables sound professionals to send any input to any channel, bus, or output. Up to 12 buses may be individually mixed. Due to its compact form factor, the Scorpio is equally at home over-the-shoulder or in a mobile rig.

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We were able to see some of our favorite Germans again this year! Tentacle Sync didn't have any new products, but there may be some accessories in the works soon! Stay tuned on our social media. We will let you know as soon as we hear anything!

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Zaxcom has a handful of new products out this year also. We stopped by to chit chat with Glenn and Colleen, and Marcus did some onsite testing. We are hoping to get some of their new products in the shop to test out so stay tuned for reviews!

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Kristel attempted the selfie thing and this was as good as it got! It was great to see everyone and can't wait to run into you again next year!

Kristel Torvik