May 2018 Newsletter

Hello Spring and hello to all of our friends and followers! What a crazy month April was for us. NAB 2018 took us by storm! We spent every day there geeking out on gear, making new friends, and filming videos for our YouTube channel. (By the way you should totally check them out, feel free to click the link below and watch them as many times as you like.) Fernando was in and out of the shop this past month. He went to New York for another fight with HBO Boxing and Augusta Georgia for a location scout. Talk about frequent flyer miles.

The Stickman shop has been equally busy. Can you believe we even got together to do a photo-shoot for our website? Who are we? Let's just say most of us are way more comfortable behind the camera then in front of one, but we all had fun and can't wait to share more photos with you guys through our website and social media accounts.

We’ve been sharing some tips and tricks for field recording and a recent one was about location scouting.  We mentioned asking about things that will make noise, like air conditioners, and if they can be turned off.  Turns out, sometimes they can’t be and unfortunately that made a recent shoot a bit difficult for a client because they didn’t have a back-up plan. We know many of you who subscribe to the newsletter are sound people and probably roll your eyes at the suggestions, because hey, it’s what we do, but if you know any producers or camera people that may need some helpful hints when the sound department can’t be there to scout, please share the info.  It will make their lives easier and in the long run, the sound departments lives easier also!

The Golden Knights are trying to give us all a collective heart attack during Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  We’ve laughed, we’ve cheered, we’ve yelled at refs through the TV like they can hear us, and there may have been a tear or two in our beer.  The series is tied 2-2 and the guys will be home for Game 5, then back to San Jose for Game 6, and we still don’t know if there will be a Game 7 back in Vegas.  Please remember during this time to respect our team and not wear the color teal into our shop. I mean, we won’t throw anything at you, but we’ll give you a really mean side eye.  Also, please pardon the loss of voices if you call because yelling “Go! Knights! Go!” for 3 hours every other night is starting to take its toll on the vocal cords. #squishthefish


The new Orca water/ sand bag was design to help carrying sand bags to any location with an option to fill the bag with water or sand.(OR-81B Water Bladder)

The bag is made from durable material with extra reinforce binding strap all the way around and features dual layers of hook and loop fasteners to avoid any sand leakage. The water bladder is sold separately.

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