April 2018 Newsletter

 March was quite the month for women in film here in the Vegas valley March was Women’s History Month and so it’s the perfect month for a film festival. The 4th annual Nevada Women’s Film Fest took place March 22nd - 25th and it was awesome! From the filmmakers, the films, the discussion panels, the volunteers and the venue, everything was done well. We always enjoy helping out the film community, but I’m pretty sure the NWFFest is one of our favorites.

     We’ve been gearing up for a busy week at NAB 2018. It’s great to see so many techy people together sharing the newest items for our industry. We’re putting together a few short videos of some of our favorites we see at NAB, so keep a lookout on our YouTube channel. If you plan to be in town, make sure to let us know so we can link up at NAB or have you by the shop!

Now, let’s talk Hockey!

     Vegas Golden Knights have clinched their division and are headed into the postseason. Hockey Playoffs! In Vegas! Inaugural Season! Giddy doesn’t even begin to describe the mood around this town. We are so proud of the team and couldn’t be happier to support them as they break record after record.  Bonus, the weather is heating up so if we play our cards right, we can watch away games from the pool. Life goals right there! Go! Knights! Go!


Money-Management Skills Essential for Success




The MixPre-10M's musician-focused features simplify typical computer-based music creation allowing you to create great songs rather than getting hung up in the technology. The MixPre allows you to simultaneously record, playback, mix, remix, monitor, layer, and overdub up to 12 tracks, and if you need more, the bounce feature helps free up tracks.

The MixPre-10M features a built-in metronome to help keep your performance in time, while premium-quality, silky-smooth reverb and vocal air effects add depth to your recordings, and can also inspire a great performance. The vocal air effect is an easily dialed-in combination of EQ and compression that results in a breathy intimacy to vocals, popular today with singer/songwriters.

When you record music you will also appreciate the convenience of features such as punch in and out, and ability to locate to cue points.