Stickman Sound Crewing


One of the perks of hiring Stickman Sound for your audio needs is our ability to match a freelancer with your project.  We have dozens of mixers on speed dial and most of them share their calendars with us.  It’s kind of like Charlie’s Angels around here, but with sound mixers, and smart phones, and...okay, it’s not really like Charlie’s Angel’s except for the part where Kristel really wants a Western Electric Speakerphone on her desk.  

Stickman does the vetting for you.  We know what our mixers are capable of and we know where they shine.  Most of them have worked with Fernando for years and the new ones are put through the paces in our shop.  We test their skills, knowledge of the gear, and occasionally their patience,  and we don’t send anyone out that we don’t stand behind 100%.

Another bonus to hiring a freelancer through us is support.  We support our freelancers any way we can.  Gear problem?  We can add another mind to troubleshooting.  Still not fixed?  We can bring a replacement if there’s not already one in the bag* (*common laws of physics and logistics apply).  Our mixers know how to get a hold of us and aren’t afraid to pick up a phone.  They know we have their back and in return they help make us look good.