Stickman Sound Order Form

Our order form is linked above.  It has expendables and some of our more popular sales items.  We don’t have all our sales items listed because we are trying to keep the form somewhat manageable.  If you are interested in a product and don’t see it listed please reach out and we will be more than happy to answer any questions.  

For those of you that have been here before we mentioned having an online store up by 2017...ish.  Well, “ish” has come and gone and we don’t have the online store up.  There’s a reason we are in audio and not web design (and who are we kidding, you know we hire out for most of this).

We also realized that we like our clients and if everything started happening online, we would miss the actual interaction part.  Stickman aims to find the best solutions for your expendable and equipment needs and communication plays a big part in that.  Whether by phone, text, email, carrier pigeon or (gasp!) in person, we want to keep in touch with our clients because we like you!  I mean, don’t get excited and think we’ll send an edible arrangement with each order, but there’s a really good chance you’ll get a free sticker!

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