Kristel Torvik



P: 702.245.6765


Leaving the Emerald City of Seattle behind, Kristel made her way out to fabulous Las Vegas. Pursuing technical theatre in high school, she attended the Las Vegas Academy with owner and long-time friend Fernando Delgado.

As the years passed the two went their separate ways chasing separate interests, but as luck would have it the two would link up again. While Fernando was shopping for parts at the Harley-Davidson store Kristel happened to be the one who would help him. As discussion sparked Fernando expressed his need for someone to handle the paperwork at his soon to be company Stickman Sound Inc. Since Kristel has such an affinity for color coded files, red staplers and properly managed calendars it ended up being the perfect match!

When Kristel isn’t crewing jobs with our awesome freelancers and managing the office she likes to hang out with her dogs, cheer for Seattle sports teams, and plan her next adventure in the dirt or snow.