January 2017 Newsletter

Happy New Year

New Years Resolution #1 : Be more awesome than last year!

All of us here at Stickman want to wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year! We look forward to continuing to share all of our shenanigans with each of you. Have an amazing 2017!

Q & A  with
Fernando Delgado
Q. How does it feel to be back home after six weeks in Australia!?
F. I don’t know yet, I’m still to tired. (LoL)

Q. Is there anything you don’t like about leaving for these longer projects?
F. I miss my family, that’s the only drawback.

Q. What do you like most about going away for these projects?
F. You know what I like most? Six weeks is long enough to really experience the culture. A week long vacation doesn’t give you a long enough time, especially if your paying people to be nice to you at some hotel. Six weeks was a perfect amount of time to feel like I was getting the total experience.

Q. Can we get a break down of the gear you used in Melbourne?
F. The one piece of specialty gear we used was the Zaxcom TRXLA transmitter. The reason we used that was because we had to record 20 cast memebers running around Melbourne with no sound person. The Zaxcom were the only things on the market that made sense for such a cluster f@#k of a shoot.

Q. Did you ever end up mic’ing a Kangaroo?
F. NO. Those things are viscious man, they’d kick my ass.

Featured Gear : Zaxcom TRXLA3

The TRXLA3 is a wide-band transmitter featuring the new Zaxcom High Density (ZHD) Modulation. … The ZHD transmitters are capable of running all existing mono Zaxcom modulations maintaining compatibility with all currently produced Zaxcom receivers.

One Stop Shop for E X P E N D A B L E S . . .

Stickman Sound is an authorized dealer of TopStick by Vapon, NeoPax, Inc., Lectrosonics, Sound Guys Solutions, Silent Solutions, Delkin Devices, Scheops, Rycote, Voice Technologies, Ambient Recording, DPA Microphones, IDX System Technology, Inc., Popp Sound and Professional Sound Corporation….

December 2016 Newsletter

Happy December Friends!

Can you guys believe we are in the final month of 2016? Holy Fruitcake Batman did this year just fly right by or what? I’m not gonna lie, even though we had lots of fun this past year we are very excited to look ahead and see what big surprises 2017 will bring.

For those that don’t follow us on social media (what’s wrong with you?!?) we have super exciting news! Stickman has added the ambisonic Tetramic to our ever growing fleet of mics. The hype of VR might be somewhat new, but field recording is not, and this is something we have been doing for a longtime. (We don’t mean to toot are own horn, but we’re pretty damn good at it. At least that’s what our friends say!) We are thrilled to be able to integrate this awesome mic to serve clients who have the need for VR field audio! What better way to compliment your 360 virtual reality videos than ambisonic 3D audio?

Fernando’s adventure in Melbourne, Australia will end the middle of December. We are looking forward to having home back and hearing about his adventures. He’s been posting some great photos on social media (seriously, go click the follow buttons if you haven’t already, this email will still be here when you get back) and sending us awesome pictures of koalas! We are still hoping for a tutorial on mic’ing a kangaroo!

As always we thank you for taking time out of your day to keep up with all of us here at Stickman! We hope you celebrate what makes you happy with the people that make you happiest!

Till next year…

Featured Gear : TetraMic 

An ambisonic sound field microphone, capable of mono, single-point stereo, and surround-sound recording. (Basically the most badass, optimum sounding, affordable sound mic available)

So long, Farewell, Au revoir

If you haven’t already heard our lead gear tech John has decided to spread his wings and is going freelance full time. We are tremendously sad to see him go, but so excited to see all that he accomplishes. Keep John in mind if you need a truly talented audio mixer! Bye John, don’t forget about us little people when you make it big time buddy.


November 2016 Newsletter

Here is November’s newsletter.  Catch up on what you missed if you’re not subscribed.  If you are subscribed, enjoy reading it again!

Stickman Sound | ELECTION 2016 
Happy November!
We hope this months newsletter finds you in good spirits! We know this time of year tends to get a little crazy for everyone with all the upcoming holidays. Hopefully this holiday season ​you’re gifted with a lot of patience and a good local bar that has extended happy hours​.
During this busy time we want to thank all of our friends, family, clients and ​random strangers we’ve met along the way. We love all of you (except maybe that one guy, but it is the season so I guess we love him too)​ and we thank you for your continued support that allows us to do what we love.
This past month flew by and we had the opportunity to​ work on some ​great projects. One of them being the 2016 Nevada Senatorial ​Debate. Tension ran high as Democratic nominee Catherine Cortez Masto and Republican nominee Joe Heck faced off​, but Stickman was there to make sure you heard it all. Our team brought in DPA 4088 wireless mics and Shure MX412d/c podium mics to provide clean audio for the live broadcast feed. It was a pleasure to work with the KLAS team and we hope to do so again in the future!
Fernando is off on another adventure this month.  We thought Florida was as far as he could get from us, but we were wrong.  Keep an eye on our Instagram feed to find out where he’s going!  Hint: If you’re hoping to see the proper technique of mic’ing a kangaroo you might be in luck!

2016 Senatorial Debate Photos

Sorry they are a little dark.  We do sound, not photography!