October 2017 Newsletter



Happy Halloween and hello fall! Where does the time go, seems like just last week we were fighting the 100 degree heat and hiding in air conditioned buildings. I think it’s safe to say we’re all ready for the leaves to change colors and our power bills to go down.

September was a fun month for us. We worked with HBO boxing for the Canelo vs. GGG fight. If you follow boxing at all you probably know this was a huge upset for a lot of fight fans when it ended in a draw. We were excited to be ringside for such a huge event. Hopefully you can find us in the same spot for the rematch.

Marcus and Fernando went to an awesome RF Clinic provided by Sennheiser at the House of Blues here in Las Vegas. The seminar focused on the use of multichannel wireless mics as well as wireless monitoring systems. We always feel like it’s time well spent when we have the opportunity to brush up on our skills.

We know we’ve been telling you all that we have big news coming, well it’s finally time for the big reveal. Stickman Sound will now have an online store. We still have items to add, but we decided we didn’t want to wait anymore. Keep an eye out on our social media to see when it will officially launch later this month.

Anyone else excited about the Vegas Golden Knights being undefeated this season?!?!  Be warned we have a hockey fanatic at Stickman and her main goal is to make sure the entire shop can define “icing” by the end of the season.  You will find Stickman and our unbridled enthusiasm in section 4 all season long, so when you make it to a game be sure to stop by and say hello.


Featured GEAR : Stickman Sound Equipment Packages

Whether you are doing a documentary focusing on one individual, a reality show with twenty plus contestants and 15 camera crews, a commercial, or a film shoot, we can design and build an equipment package that will not only meet your needs but will keep your show running smoother. Stickman can provide “run and gun” equipment packages as well as Fly Pack systems that can be built almost anywhere. Each project is unique in its own way and we specialize in making sure the design equipment package flows with the style of production you’re doing.

All of our gear is tested and assembled in our shop before going out into the field.  Stickman builds each kit specifically for every project and we pride ourselves on how we deliver our gear.  We also provide support for our equipment so if there are any issues we aim to solve them as swiftly as possible.


September 2017 Newsletter



   Hello friends and fellow audio connoisseurs! We hope this past month has been a good one for you all. Stickman started August off with a bang as Fernando went to Chicago, to spend 4 days in Grant Park for the popular music festival, Lollapalooza. Unfortunately, what we were doing there is still under wraps so you’re going to want to follow us on social media and look out for our upcoming newsletters to find out.

If music festivals aren’t for you, how about some good old fashion boxing? The much anticipated Mayweather vs. McGregor  fight took place and Stickman Sound had a front row seat at history in the making. Loading in days before the actual event, everyone was on top of their game to make sure viewers at home received the best live audio there was to offer. It’s always exciting to be a part of such big events!

DPA made their way to the Stickman Shop this month for a day of education and networking. We had an awesome group of individuals get together for this event. We owe Eric Stahlhammer from DPA a huge thank you for sharing so much information! It’s always exciting to learn new things with such a dedicated group of people. We look forward to hosting more learning opportunities like this in the future.

We hope September is a great month for everyone. 


Mayweather v. McGregor



With batteries lasting for up to 40 hours, an inaccuracy of less than 1 frame in 24 hours and a super-convenient UI, Tentacles are true “set and forget” devices.

The small, lightweight and unobtrusive Tentacles work with virtually all cameras and recorders on the market and bring timecode technology to any set.

(Retrieved from: https://tentaclesync.com/)




August 2017 Newsletter


There’s no business like show business! July was a busy month for us here at Stickman and, as always, we’re eager to share what’s been going on with you.  Remember, you signed up for this so now you’re our captive audience! 

Fernando has been working on the new UFC T.V. series, “The Contender” which airs live on UFC Fight Pass.  The show premiered early last month and is becoming a new favorite for mixed martial art fans.  Taco Tuesday and Fight Night?!?!  Why didn’t they think of this earlier.

Live T.V. wasn’t the only thing consuming our time this month.  Once again we teamed up with our friends at Flight Line Films for the FYF Festival in California. Broadcasting three stages and mixing live to twitter made for an active three days, and we enjoyed every minute of it. (Did we mention we got to see Nine Inch Nails, Bjork, MGMT and Missy Elliot perform?)!

How much do you know about DPA?  Do you want to know more?  Do you want to come hang out with us for the day, get educated, play with mics and eat some food?  (we got you with the food thing didn’t we?)  If this sounds like a good time to you, please don’t call the number on the bathroom wall, just check out https://dpa-stickman.eventbrite.com/?aff=Stickman and RSVP.  Besides food, we also need a count for chairs so none of you get stuck on the floor.  I mean, we sweep it and all, but I live here and I don’t want to sit on it.

PSA:  Clark County School District is starting early this year.  August 14th, 2017 is when school zones will be enforced again.  We are mentioning this because tickets are expensive and we think a better way for you to spend your money is in our store.

Which reminds me…have we mentioned we are an Orca dealer now?  All the bags and accessories are available through Stickman and we have a good assortment in stock.  We also have rain gear in case you need to prepare for this monsoon season!


A new piece of gear we enjoyed playing with at the shop was the Sound Devices MixPre-6. This light weight, high resolution audio recorder is any sound designers dream.


Need some sweet gear? Maybe some fresh expendables? Stickman’s got you covered, we’re proud dealers for TopStick by Vapon, NeoPax, Inc., Lectrosonics, Sennheiser, Tentacle Sync, Sound Devices, Sound Guys Solutions, Orca, Silent Solutions, Delkin Devices, Scheops, Rycote, Voice Technologies, Ambient Recording, DPA Microphones, IDX System Technology, Inc., Popp Sound and Professional Sound Corporation