Newsletter V1.4

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  We have survived the 117 degree weather and never thought we’d look forward to seeing 105 so much in our lives.  Our AC unit gave us a little scare, but we were lucky and got it sorted quickly.

Fernando just wrapped season 18 of The Ultimate Fighter featuring Rhonda Rousey and Miesha Tate.  TUF 18 is scheduled to air in September on the new FOX Sports 1 Network.  I’ll make sure to remind you to set your DVR!

Top Hooker is currently airing on Animal Planet.  “The Final Four” airs on Sunday, July 14th.  It was great to support this show!

We were proud to support The Big Brain Theory that aired earlier this year on Discovery Channel.  It’s always fun to be part of something with explosions.

Last month we were very excited to reunite with Magical Elves, Inc. for an amazing project.   It tested us in the best possible way and it really was an experience of a lifetime.  I even got out of the office and into the field.

Just Make it Happen, Inc. was back in town for the Beach Body Summit last month.  This was our second year working with them.  They are wonderful clients and our freelancers really enjoy it also!

Fernando recently started an Instagram account for Stickman Sound.  He’s been getting some great shots of our gear being prepped and working out in the field.  If you are a person that likes to drool over gear you should follow the account.  I promise you will not be disappointed!

We still have some used SD442’s available for sale.  The pictures are on our Facebook page and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.  $1200 a piece and that includes piggin strap and portabrace.


Newsletter V1.3

Does anyone know where March went?  What a fast month!  We managed to keep busy and hope everyone else is doing the same.

We received our first order of 664’s this month!  Can’t wait to get them in the field and working.

Our newest piece of equipment! So excited to get this in the shop!

How pretty are they?  Am I allowed to call them pretty??

We  hosted a Riedel Tuesday on the 19th.  It was a small crowd, but such a great experience.  Hopefully we will get to do it again before the end of the year!

March 19, 2013 we hosted a Riedel Tuesday in our shop. So much good info!

We missed those of you that had to work.

Our front door just got a bit fancier.

Our Front Door

We are now easier to find!

Now onto April!  NAB starts the 6th,  The Ultimate Fighter Finale is the 13th and hopefully everyone has their taxes sorted for the 15th.




Newsletter V1.2

February is here and things are picking up!

Season 2 of the Devil’s Ride starts tonight on Discovery Channel. We are proud to be a part of the show again.  Fernando did not supervise this season, but that is our gear recording the sound of all those wonderful motorcycle engines.

The Ultimate Fighter is airing the 4th preliminary fight tomorrow on FX Network.  Did everyone see that knockout 2 weeks ago?  This is a very exciting season and it sounds wonderful also!

Fernando has been working on a few local commercials and having a lot of fun with those.  Last week he did a commercial for Counting Cars and was surprised when he realized that Mr. Koker was Count Cool Rider from Saturday Fright at the Movies. Anyone that has lived in Vegas for awhile should have some fond memories those scary B-movies.

Fernando has also been working a UFC fights.  He worked UFC 156 on February 2nd and he’s really looking forward to UFC 157 on the 23rd.

We still have a few used SD 442’s for sale.  $1200 a piece and that includes portabrace and piggin strap.  There are pictures on our Facebook and if you have any questions, please contact us.