Newsletter V2.1

Almost a third of the way through the New Year and I am just getting around to the newsletter?  Wow, you all must think I’m a slacker.  I hope you’ve been staying in touch via Instagram and Facebook.

The expendables store is open for business.  We have AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries and 9v lithium and alkaline batteries.  We also have Topstick in 1”x 3” packs and 108” rolls.  Gaff tape, Moleskin, Velcro and CF Cards are going to be on the way soon.  Our goal is to be able to provide a one stop shop for audio rentals and expendables.  We also want to be the place you can run to if you open your pelican case and realize you left that one important item at home.  Feel free to find our contact info a few tabs to the left and call if you have any questions!

January was a little quiet for us, but February was a bit of a blur.  I blame the missing days at the end of the month.  We’ve been working with a couple of fantastic crews on locally based shows (no, not *that* one, but I’m sure their crew is nice also!).  NASCAR rolled through town last weekend (couldn’t resist) and UFC never seems to sleep.  My mobile is starting to feel like the Bat Phone again which means business is picking up!

Fernando spent the end of February/beginning of March in California.  While we were in Vegas enjoying our early spring weather, Fernando was in California enjoying the downpour at the Oscars.  I guess he can’t always get stuck in Hawaii for two weeks!  Fernando helped the Japanese Broadcast Team set up their audio and made sure things kept running smoothly.  He was also able to catch up with some old friends.  It was like a high school reunion without the awkward yearbook photos.  Fernando also practiced the art of the photobomb.  Larry Chong was a great victim and was kind enough to share the picture.  Now I just have to get my hands on the pictures so I can share them here!

Another project we’ve been working on is our EBay store.  It is time to make room for new gear.  We are starting by saying goodbye to some of our Sound Device’s 442s.  They are great machines, but we need that shelf space for other things.  All the servicing has been done through Sound Devices and they are in perfect working condition.  The 442 is a great piece of equipment for someone starting out in the business.

If you swing by the shop close to the weekend you might get a chance to meet our new part time employee, Todd. He is a great guy (we might be biased) and has been interested in becoming an audio mixer for some time.  He is helping Marcus around the shop while learning the gear.  We’ve also have two recent graduates from Full Sail visiting with us a bit.  They come in, hang out, play with gear and make a cable or two.

I think that catches us up on the recent happenings!  I probably should have mentioned refreshing your coffee before you started reading.  This will teach me to update more often!  Next month NAB will be in town and all of us have our registration.  Please say hello if you see us, we’ll be the ones with the orange Stickman on our shirts!


Newsletter V1.5

August means monsoon season has hit Vegas.  The end of summer brings much needed rain and beautiful storms.  Our leaky spots in the roof were fixed and all our gear is staying dry this year!

Fernando went to Full Sail University in Orlando, Fl. this month to talk to students.  He couldn’t believe how much the campus has grown since he graduated.  He had a great time talking with students and faculty.  Fernando is now working with Full Sail to potentially set up an internship program with Stickman Sound.

We have been having some of our own educational days at the shop lately.  Hands on experience is one of the best ways to learn!

Todd and Marcus


Our front room is getting a bit of a make over.  Thoughts and ideas are starting to become reality.  First step was paint.



That looks like Stickman Orange to me!

Orange wall


As Fernando put it “Holy Orange Batman!”

We sent some gear to Tennessee to work with BBC Worldwide and we have a few projects going on locally.  We have hired an awesome marketing person and she is helping us take the next steps towards new goals.  Hope everyone is keeping busy and enjoying the end of summer!



Newsletter V1.4

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  We have survived the 117 degree weather and never thought we’d look forward to seeing 105 so much in our lives.  Our AC unit gave us a little scare, but we were lucky and got it sorted quickly.

Fernando just wrapped season 18 of The Ultimate Fighter featuring Rhonda Rousey and Miesha Tate.  TUF 18 is scheduled to air in September on the new FOX Sports 1 Network.  I’ll make sure to remind you to set your DVR!

Top Hooker is currently airing on Animal Planet.  “The Final Four” airs on Sunday, July 14th.  It was great to support this show!

We were proud to support The Big Brain Theory that aired earlier this year on Discovery Channel.  It’s always fun to be part of something with explosions.

Last month we were very excited to reunite with Magical Elves, Inc. for an amazing project.   It tested us in the best possible way and it really was an experience of a lifetime.  I even got out of the office and into the field.

Just Make it Happen, Inc. was back in town for the Beach Body Summit last month.  This was our second year working with them.  They are wonderful clients and our freelancers really enjoy it also!

Fernando recently started an Instagram account for Stickman Sound.  He’s been getting some great shots of our gear being prepped and working out in the field.  If you are a person that likes to drool over gear you should follow the account.  I promise you will not be disappointed!

We still have some used SD442’s available for sale.  The pictures are on our Facebook page and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.  $1200 a piece and that includes piggin strap and portabrace.